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If you are thinking about what do to in Istanbul, there is a fun an activity just for you. Crazy scientist Dr. Frankenstein is back! His purpose is to create an immortal army and dominate the whole world by using the electrical power and technology and combining flesh and steel. He's already started his crazy experiments in his lab. Turkish intelligence assigns an elite team to investigate the incident. This team will either find the courage to destroy its new enemy or die. The place to go here is just like an escape room games but there are live actors inside the game.

Located in the center of Istanbul, Frankenstein House of Horror is waiting for you and your friends in Kadıköy. It is one of the crazy things to do in istanbul with your family and friends. This 3-floor horror house is calling all agents that can bring their courage and team together. But remember getting out of this horror house is not a piece of cake. Set up your team now, make a reservation and join this adventure!

Frankenstein Horror House Video Gallery

Thousands of teams experienced countless unforgettable moments at Frankenstein Horror House, one of the most popular activities in Istanbul. Lots of new adventure waiting for you where the players have a different feeling at every moment in this game while you are both being afraid and fun. You can check out our video gallery if you want to be a part of unusual moments in our amusing laboratory in Kadıköy Horror House, in which many famous people have also been included earlier.
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Frankenstein Horror House Photo Gallery

As Frankenstein Horror House we’ve visited by so many celebrities, youtubers, influencers and they all had a lots of fun here. You can start looking at the photos of Frankenstein Horror House to step into our fun world. Book in advance if you want to see you and your team in our photo gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Horror House?
Horror house is like a escape room game but also includes horror theme. Your purpose is to solve the codes while passing the rooms in the given time and reach the exit. The playground contains high-tension music, effects, concept-appropriate decors and live actor performance.
How does the game start, does someone greet us?
All information is sent to you before booking. When you come to the door, you can wait in front of the door written Frankenstein Horror House. There are street lights right above you and you can enter when they flash. Your game starts directly. If there is an important situation, you can call us and our team members can come out to help.
What happens if I get scared after starting the game and want to quit?
We can see and hear you constantly throughout the game. If a person wants to exit during the game, it is enough to turn to the cameras and say that they want to exit, our teammates only remove the player who wants to exit from the game and the remaining players can continue the game.
Can we use toilet before or during the game?
You cannot use the toilet at the before or during the game. We can help you only at the end of the game.
Can actors touch us?
There is no physical contact in the scenario of our game, if everyone in the team is over the age of 18, you can play with the physical contact option by giving written confirmation via Whatsapp. In both modes, it is strictly forbidden for you to touch the actor or you will be disqualified.
Is there an age limit in the game?
Over the age of 13 can easily play our game, younger guests can enter the game with their families or with their families' permission.
How long does the game take?
The game time is 1 hour in total, and the average game time varies between 40 minutes and 60 minutes depending on the puzzle solving speed of the teams.
Who can't enter the horror house?
The horror house is not suitable for our guests with heart disease, pregnant women, panic attacks and epilepsy.
Is there a place where we can leave things?
There are hangers and lockers at the entrance where you can leave your belongings. The room where you leave your belongings and the whole playground are constantly monitored by the camera.
Can we come whenever we want?
You need to make a reservation before coming. If you come without a reservation, you can enter the available session by making a reservation.
Is it safe?
As Frankenstein Horror House, we are extremely careful about the safety of our players. We take the necessary security measures in all places where you may be hit or injured. We minimize the risk with softener sponges to the places where you are likely to bump. You can play the game safely as long as you avoid actions that will risk your own health and follow the instructions given.
How can we make the payment?
You can pay with cash or credit card at the end of the game.
What if we are late?
You must be at the door 10 minutes before the reservation time. In case of being late, the reservation may be cancelled. If you call and inform, there will be no problem depending on the session status or we can transfer it to another time.
Can we buy our video collage?
We are making a short video collage includes your funny scary moments in the game. It is abuout 7-8 minutes. We send it as a download link via Whatsapp.
Are there game levels? Can we play the game without a live actor?
You can choose the level at the time of booking. You can choose physical contact level or without actors mode.

The best activity to go

As Frankenstein Horror House, we are also known as the best activity in Istanbul. Since we opened, we have been visited by more than 100 thousand players. We are constantly improving our game by adding new categories to give you more unforgettable and fun moments. You will experience a real fear and tension thanks to the live actor performance and realistic effects used inside.

There are things you need to do to escape from this 3-floor laboratory. After entering this laboratory, you have 60 minutes to find the passwords and open the doors. With the english game option, Frankenstein Horror House is favorite entertainment in Istanbul and also it is a “masterpiece” credited full points by the guests in Tripadvisor.

Don’t look for unique things to do in Istanbul anymore, because now it is you the hero in the games you’ve played on your computer, in the books you’ve read and in the movies you’ve seen.